Why Buy Size Genetics?

1If there is only something you can do to increase the size of your genital then life could be better. Perhaps you feel this sometimes, especially when your sex life is not as exciting as the others.

Factors affecting the size of your genital

There are many factors that affect the size of your manhood. One is the male hormone called; “testosterone”. This is responsible for your body’s overall growth and that includes your penis. Another factor can be your lifestyle. Do you know that according to Boston University, smoking can affect your organ’s erect size? Since smoking damages the blood vessels, it lowers the volume of blood that pools down to your penis, decreasing its erection size at the same time. Also, be mindful of your diet and eat foods that are good vasodilators such as carrots and potatoes. At the same time, eat foods that promote good reproductive health such as tuna, milk, and eggs.

Sometimes, one’s penis is not as long because of its poor growth as you reach adulthood. And since this is a very sensitive topic, you may fail to consult it to your doctor because of fear of embarrassment. After all, penis size is often associated with one’s perception of virility, potency, masculinity, and self-worth.

Some men who have problems with the size of their genitalia would take matters into their own hands. Hence, they search for a solution by themselves. The fact that you are reading this article may mean that you are one of them. Well, there is indeed a solution to your problem and the use of Size Genetics can be one of them. This is a manual penis extender that helps increase the size of your “manhood”. If you want to know more about it, you can check out here.

Why Size Genetics

So, why choose penis extender among all others? Of course, there are a lot of options you can take to promote penile growth. You may opt for the time-consuming exercise, dangerous surgery or enjoy the temporary results offered by pills. But if you want the effect to be long lasting, try Size Genetics. This product is reputed for its safety, good performance and results, value, comfort and superb overall quality.

About Size Genetics

What makes this product the number one choice of penis extender? This is a Denmark product. Hence, if you order this, expect it to come fresh from this place. This matters since we know for a fact that Denmark is famous for their high-quality products. In fact, they are not just mindful on their product’s effectiveness; they even exert additional effort to perfect its packaging and design.


Size Genetics was shaped to conform to the correct curvature of your penis. Its patented 16-way ultimate comfort system makes it much better than the others. Most of all, this product is backed by authentic medical device certificate.

Final Words

Size Genetics is one product that offers the results as claimed. Hence, it gives the best value to your money. When purchasing, choose the “ultimate system” to maximize the benefits you can get from the device.